Bowling for the second time since my injury

VIDEO: December 21, 2011 – Only got the 1st frame before the battery died in the GoPro. I left 1 pin standing.

I’ll get better angles next time. How did I bowl? Somebody put the ball between my feet, I kept my eyes on the floor, and gassed it. I don’t know where the speed sensor is but the ball was going an amazing 3.2mph when it sensed it, haha. I played 2 games with the first game ending with a 59 and the second a 73. I bowled once before this since my injury (about a month previous) with an end result of 71.

Jumping, Crashing, and OUT OF CONTROL with my RC HPI Savage XL

VIDEO: July 18, 2010 – Bashing my HPI Savage XL at the wood chip lot. My 2nd time out with my 1/8 scale truck. Some extreme speed, 50 foot jumps, lots of tumbling, crashing, a little body damage but nothing broken. If you live near Orange, CA and want to check out our spot let me know, it would be cool to get more people out here. contact

artist: HAVE HEART
song: Dig Somewhere Else