Halo, Tracheotomy, Ventilator, and G Tube

Halo, Tracheotomy, Ventilator, and G TubeHalo, Tracheotomy, Ventilator, and G Tube

Halo Neck Stabilization Brace - 2

The halo brace is made up of:

  •     A metal ring that circles your head without touching your skull.
  •     Pins that go through the metal ring and are screwed into your skull.
  •     A movable frame that connects the metal ring to a plastic vest.
  •     A plastic vest that supports the frame.
  •     A washable liner that goes inside the plastic vest to protect your skin.

Halo Neck Stabilization Brace - 3Halo Neck Stabilization Brace - 4

Halo Neck Stabilization Brace - 4


Tracheotomy is a surgical procedure in which an opening is made in the windpipe or trachea. As shown in the illustration above, the physician or surgeon will follow these steps in performing this procedure:

  • A vertical incision is made through the skin.
  • Another incision is made through the subcutaneous tissues and muscles of the neck.
  • The neck muscles are separated using retractors.
  • The thyroid isthmus is either cut or retracted.
  • Surgeon identifies the rings of cartilage that make up the trachea and cuts into the walls.
  • A metal or plastic tube is inserted into the opening and sutures are used to hold the tube in place.